Thursday, April 3, 2008

The promised pictures!

Hello from Maryland!  I finally coordinated being at a computer WITH the picture CD at the SAME time, if you can believe it!  Anyway, I hope you all can see what exactly is going on in these pictures; one of them I am just on the pier over by Barrett's parents' house (you can see the sailboats all docked across the way), another I am helping canoe across the river to go feed Grendle, another I am...can you guess?-- feeding Grendle, another, I am bopping around in the parents' kitchen (it is a pretty shot of my hair, the shirt that I tye-dyed, the back of one of my aprons, and the linen petal skirt that I made out of a tablecloth), another I am driving his dad's boat (his NEW one! Don't tell him!), and another where Pheobe, and I are marooned on this teenie island that you can only be on when the tide is low--Barrett paddled away to take that picture.  Unfortunately there are no pictures of Barrett, himself, just yet.  We went and say the beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington DC and there are pictures of BOTH of us together!  They were AMAZINGLY beautiful and DC was particularly pleasant at night!  Anyway, be patient and you can see those ones too!