Monday, September 29, 2008

The ever elusive Barrett and Emma

Hey....pretty nice blog you've got going here...
Hahaha, anyway, The B and me are still kicking it old-school up here in Montana. We've had a really awesome time and seen many BEAUTIFUL places....but none to live in sadly enough. It is more or less the price; they want umpteen million dollars for some worthless ugly acreage that you couldn't hardly live on, and if you want something pretty (which there is much of)...I don't know, I guess it is just a little bit frustraiting that some punkerish Californian with more money than sense will swoop in, buy up thousands of acres of land, swing back out and only come to see it a few times a year and all the while making sure the price of property is ridiculously high.
NEVERTHELESS, we have truly had a fabulous time and have been treated like royalty by Barrett's many generous friends.

The rabbit is a nerdily-awesome as ever; it apparently can climb up steep mountains with boulders embedded in the road and somehow magically survive...but just BARELY. I'm sure it was sobbing oil ever inch of the way but even though the roads got progressively worse--rocky, steep, jagged, sitting-on -the-edge-of-a-cliff, etc.--it chugged along like a real trooper and is still packing us all over the country. Bless its little rodent heart, it somehow manages to contain Barrett, me, Nixie, a tent, two backpacks full of clothing, a tool box, a cooler, two milk crates: one full of food/equipment, the other oil, grease, and other car stuff, all kinds of bedding, dog food, dog dishes, dry goods, three big pairs of boots, a small set of bagpipes, leather working tools, and I don't even remember what else, but still more stuff! I'm sure most of it is due to expert packing by Barrett, but for a car that you could park on the bed of our truck, it does pretty well.

Anyway, we have all kinds of pictures, but I will just post them later...if you're lucky. We're having a super time and are looking forward to seeing everyone in Utah, 2 days or so. We still aren't sure what we are doing this winter, but we only have been offered a place to stay by everyone we know! Anyway, we love you all and hope to see you soon, or sooner or later, or sooner than later, or later....whichever works out.