Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Okay, so maybe this little guy's eye shouldn't have been as big and buggy as they are. That's a little unnatural. However, Emma's rabbit is absolutely a joy to sew! Mom, hop on it! (teheheh, you know...hop.)
I made it a little lace skirt so Brynn could be even more proud of it. I just asked her what the bunny's name was, and she said, "um....shoodeenster". Alright, Shoodeenster it is!

There's a better picture of how I did the buttons. Once again, I actually wish I would have just done them the way Emma does hers. My buttons make it look like it has problems.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brynn's New Dress

Today Brynn, Todd, and I went to the quilt shop in Springville to get some fabrics to make her a new skirt. Brynn picked out her fabrics, which were all pink and bright and crazy, and then she told the ladies at the quilt shop all about her friend, Maggie with RED hair. (yes, she yelled the word "RED"). As I was going through the quilt shop, I noticed little numbers taped to the floor, and then noticed that there was one of the workers dressed as a clown, and I though, "What the devil...." Then all of the sudden, the clown lady yelled, "everyone get on a number" so I got on a number...and then even more odd, they called out my number. I went up to the cash register, and I got to participate in a contest to win a prize. The contest was hula-hooping....and I've got to say, I kicked butt. So, basically, I won a coloring book for the kids.
So, here's the kids, in an obviously forced pose.

And there's Brynn's awkward smile and Todd's usual face.