Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What the.......?

Here is the story of the woodpecker who thought Levi was a tree. A few days ago, I was out in my sewing shop, sewing away, when I heard a thunderous crash on the building. It was so loud I thought something had fallen from the sky. I ran outside to circle the building, but stopped right outside the front of the bay window, because there, laying on the ground was a stunned woodpecker. I wondered how it could have made such a big sound hitting the window.

I picked it up and ran into the house to show Levi; imagine holding a woodpecker in your hand!!! He came down and thought it was pretty neat. The poor thing was blinking its eyes over and over. I thought he looked like he was starting to revive so I took him out and put him on the porch railing so he could fly away. (I call it a he, but I don't know.) He just layed there and quivered and I was afraid that he would fall off onto the concrete below, so I picked him up again and took the cute thing over to the picnic table with a larger surface, so that he could recover there. Just as I was about to set him down he flew out of my hand and straight over to Levi, who was wearing a grey shirt and faded black jeans.

We were both so surprized! I ran in the house and grabbed the camera and came out to take some pictures. That being done, I thought I should pick the bird up again and set him on the picnic table. As I reached for the bird, he would quickly work his way around Levi's body so that I couldn't reach him. So I went to the other side and he worked his way quickly to the side I wasn't on. It was so funny that we were both laughing and the bird still held on. After a while of this he actually did take off, hit the window in the doorway, hit the window on the kitchen, and flew to the tree in front of the house, where he stayed for a couple of hours.

We see him outside all the time in the afore mentioned tree. He is our new friend.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some kid pics.

We're learning more and more how and when to use our camera. Now if only we could remember to use it at night when Liv and Hollis were home, and if we could take pictures of each other, we'd be pretty well documented as a family.

Here are some cute pictures of Ivy. The little hat that Vea made her really completes the look, I think.

Last night was the Daddy-Daughter date for the Activity Days Girls. We got volunteered since I'm in the Primary and we have a swanky camera and light set-up. It was at Eric and Diana Allphin's house, hence the classy (and brown) wall and props. We got pictures of each Dad and his daughter, so here's Brent and Natalie, and Toby and Livvie.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Here are some pictures of my stuff. I am not selling the rugs, but the looms to make the rugs. I like them a lot.

I put some in my Etsy store. It is the first time I have listed stuff. I had to call Michelle to help me and she doesn't know how close to tears I was. Emma also said that she had just listed her skirts. I hope she does well, as they are beautiful and Emma looks so good in them.

Brent (Dad) is fortunately working, and some weeks he has had to go and stay with Kelly and Cathi and work down there. Thank you Kelly for letting Brent come and help you.

Levi just got notification of his Pell grant. He can now afford to finish the semester at Crowder. He is excited.