Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mad Rush Before Christmas

Well. here is a couple looking for a home this Christmas. I'm not sure where they are going. Tell me what you think, Michelle, of the color and if it would qualify for an ETSY picture or not.

It is bitterly cold and icy outside. The kids are home from school. It is possible that they could miss the whole week, and I guess it is also possible they could get 2-3 days of school in. The roads are slick, it is dark and dreary, and nothing is melting.
Dana got a real job offer from the company he has been interning with. Josh is hopeful that he is transferring to another job with great potential. We'll know more on that later. Emma and Barrett are busy getting Christmas done and in the midst of it mourning the loss of their collie Nixie. My personal theory is she got into some rat poison from the description they gave and her activities. Nixie was a wonderful animal - not to be confused with some of the dopes we have around.
In case I don't get anything else on here before Christmas, I wish all of you the most joyful and also reverent blessings of the year. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. He came to the earth in humble circumstances, lived a humble life, performed miracles, taught us how we should live and treat our fellow man. All goodness that is here on this earth stems from him. He suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemanee and paid with pain that we cannot understand. He then suffered, an innocent on the cross and died, being resurected three days later, fulfilling the great task that was laid before him in the councils of heaven. With this small and abbreviated description (which does not do justice to him) I would encourage all who read this to take some time to recognize the great blessings we have, and worship our Saviour in whom all good things are made possible. To my children, I love all of you so much. Please be safe. Love, Mom (Vea)