Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just so you know...

This is the restraunt where Barrett and I ate lobster up in Maine. It was delicious!

This is me chewing a tree down in Maine. It was delicious!

This is me sweeping the floor of our un-abandoned house...AGAIN! We put in a larger stove, and we are putting in an even LARGER stove soon. We are insulating also. I was just realizing the other day that we have it much easier than our family did in Oakley, and there aren't 6 little kids with us either! Whew! So please don't worry about us. We have lots of food, have HOT showers, piles of clothing, piles of wood to burn, and near-by neighbors who have already offered us a place in their homes if it got a little too chilly. We are looking forward to a snug, low-key winter where all we have to do is all the projects that we are always putting off.
Just so you all know, electricity isn't IMPOSSIBLE, infact it is even on the "to do list", but it is after insulation for sure.

This is the house this last fall. You will recognize Ol' Blue, the rabbit, the horse trailer, and the house hiding behind it all somewhere. If we had had more time this fall, we could have tapped those trees infront for some real mapel syrup. The house doesn't look all that large in the photo, but I'd say that it is about 1800 to 2000 square feet. It also has two seperate basements.

Barrett came in the house and told me today that someone broke into the farmer's barn, stole half of the cow feed and dumped piles of manure in the cows water trough. I was horrified and tried to think of what wacko would go to all that trouble...and then I realized...the wacko was Spanky. And Barrett laughed his head off. Thanks a lot, you obease pony!
Until next time--Chao!