Friday, August 29, 2008

Apron I Made for Lucy's Apron Swap

OK, some people (ahem) publish all of their cool projects and activities on their blogs and I am always excited to see what they are doing. So, I wanted to show off my latest project. It seems like anything I make with black
always turns out good.

NOT, that I am trying to brag, but I just really liked this.

I love this paper pieced leaf pattern. It looks like a quaking aspen leaf......which reminds me that I need to publish a few pictures from our trip to Utah. So I will do that later.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!!.......Really Early

Today, Brynn, The Todd Show, and I made Halloween cards. We all sat down and pulled out my paper and scissors, and Todd immediately procured the scissors and went for our couch. Brynn grabbed a marker and started drawing her goofy little faces that consist of two eyes and a dissatisfied line of a mouth.(To see these masterful work of art, see the little green monsters below.) Basically, that's all she draws these days, and when she wants to draw herself, she adds some swirls and scribbles all around the little face to depict her signature curls that all hairbrushes fear.
I yearn to imbed a desire to create in both of my children, and I let Todd keep cutting and Brynn keep drawing faces. Then, I had an idea! Perhaps we could use my kids' extraordinary talents to make some cards! Unfortunately, the only pictures I could think of for "Labor Day Cards" were somewhat sardonic and ironic, thus we skipped ahead a holiday. (I didn't think it would be quite appropriate to cut and draw a pregnant woman screaming profanity because labor sucks soooo bad. Labor day......yes, I know it's not celebrating us women who perform great physical feats, but it should be!!!! OH yeah, that's mother's day. How the crap did I get off on this tangeant? )
Brynn drews her little faces on green paper, and I cut around them to make globby little monsters, and Todd just kept opening and closing the blades of some very dull little craft scissors while I strategicaly placed pieces of paper between the blades. Thus, on the picture Todd is holding, there are random monsters with big awkward jaws. When Todd saw his picture, he kept pointing and growling, which is what he is doing in the picture up there. Anyhow, I think the result it quite charming and the children and I are thinking of starting a line of designer stationary adorned with goofy monsters.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Amazing Maggie

Here is a reasonably good shot of the house. The pictures I took of Maggie were on the porch on the picnic table. This was a little girl's outfit I wanted to take a picture of and show Michelle. The pictures didn't turn out, so we edited them for light and then found she had the most delightful expressions on her face. I only wish I could say that she got her good looks from me.

We are contemplating a trip to Utah on Wednesday. It was up in the air and kind of a last minute thing. Jill keeps saying that she wants to see people while they are alive, and not just go to funerals. (The last time they went out was for Nile's funeral.) We will miss Dana and Corinne and Josh being out there as we loved hanging out with them. It would be a quick trip as school is starting next Thurs.