Monday, May 24, 2010

Emma and Barrett? Emma and Barrett WHO?

Surely you will all forgive me for my continual neglegence of posting on not only the family blog but also my own shop blog. I don't have any good excuses (mostly because my new goal is to not say, "I'm busy!" because I hate that excuse). I have simply not done it recently.
SO....I don't have any REAL news. We still plan on going out West sometime but don't know when, and I promise to give all of the pertinent people as much notice as I possibly can.

But I figured that I would throw a few pictures up anyway.

You can see here that you cannot seperate Weasel from Barrett. Ever.
Here is a teaser of what I am posting on my shop blog: The toads are Barrett's parents.

Here is Weasel and Barrett, of couse, and Ursa chewing on a bone...of course. Note the Christmas tree that we finally took down a month ago. You can see the Mr. Toad doll in the upper left hand corner as part of the tree decoration.

This is me hugging my oven which I LOVE! Since this picture we have hung all of my cast iron above the stove.

Anyway, I hope that you all get a kick out of these photos. You sure learn a lot being married, you learn a lot "going without" electricity (it will be a full year this June) and you learn a lot traveling to different places and meeting different people. I would love to share all that I have learned, but I think it all sounds like cliches' that EVERYBODY has heard a hundered times....but it doesn't make them any less true. But I think it is mostly the type of learing that must be done by each person for themselves. If I ever think of a way to share what I have learned; not only about cooking on a wood stove or learning the best way to pee outside without filling up your shoes--but more about morals, integrity, true worth, and a good attitude--I will share it. Till then, I'll just keep learning.
Lots of love!
--The Taylors