Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rat typing words

Well, mom told me if i want a blog, just post something on THIS blog.

Well anyway, being an only child is lonely. With Levi gone, I had to revert to pretending that Malachi was my brother, so i'm always chatting to him. Oh well, anyway, some might not know that i went to girls camp. Man, i had so much fun! i pretty much hung out with the girls, made friends, and received many a Popsicle from our angry cooks. The cooks threatened at every meal that they would dump the leftovers on our heads if we didn't get second helpings. Good times, Good times.
i swear my hair only got curlier at camp. when it rained, my hair had ringlets aplenty. can you believe i got COMPLIMENTED on it????? Anyway, i pretty much hang around the house singing, cleaning, getting sick, and getting in trouble for reading. Oh, and of course making fire with an angry face and napoleon dynamite shirt.
But anyway, I'm loosing weight, and i feel very accomplished.
I'm writing a book that is sure to be published! It's pure genius and full of pictures and knights.
Well, im off to the library, so i love you guys very much and hope that i can see you soon.

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Laura said...

Wow, I remember going to camp when I was younger. It was so much fun! I, like you, will also be an "only child" once my older sister heads off to college at the beginning of September. I don't quite know your situation about being an only child, since this is the only post I read, but how is it? Everyone in my family keeps asking me how I'll feel being an "only child" once my sister leaves. But I'm just not sure...we'll just have to see! : )

Anyway, great post! Have a nice day! (Oh, and good luck with your book)